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Dahinda General Store

Locally grown, locally supplied, and locally crafted



Originally built and operated in 1916 as one of three general stores in Dahinda, Illinois, we renovated and brought it back to life in 2018 with help from local vendors and the bakery. Currently, the store features over 40 vendors who make up the store's motto, "Locally grown, locally produced, and locally crafted." The store sits next to the scenic Spoon River and original iron railroad bridge, with a nice central park and playground across the street, and adequate parking. Bring your camera and your appetite, especially your sweet tooth! 


Hours of Operation

Monday:       CLOSED

Tuesday:       8am- 4pm

Wednesday: 8am- 4pm

Thursday:     8am- 4pm

Friday:          8am- 4pm

Saturday:     8am- 4pm

Sunday:       11am- 4pm

Special Events

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