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In addition to treating yourself to the delicious baked goods at the Dahinda General Store, you can join us for several special events throughout the year. Below are a few of the events we offer. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for additional announcements. 


Geode Cracking

Just like opening a Christmas or birthday present, imagine opening a rock of your very own... and seeing crystals that have taken thousands of years to form and have never been seen before! Fun for the whole family. All rocks and tools are provided on-site. Only cost associated is the rock of your choice! 


Every Summer through Fall brings local products and produce to the Dahinda General Store. Area farmers, craftsmen, vendors, and Fritzy's Greenhouse are available onsite to sell fruits, vegetables, flowers, handmade crafts and goods, among other things.

Farmer's Market


Vendor Days

With the motto for working only with local artisans, growers, and suppliers, the business has grown to include over 40 local vendors who provide food items, essentials, crafted gifts, and more. You will have the opportunity to meet several vendors throughout the year.

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