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When the store building became available in 2018, we had a thought about how to implement a belief that Andrew (the owner) has held strongly for many years. Let's work with LOCAL business men and women to provide our customers food and gift items that they can know where originated.  And not that surprisingly, that model seems to be appreciated by our customer base and word continues to spread. 


We're VERY proud to offer a wide-ranging selection of "Locally Grown, Locally Supplied, and Locally Crafted" items within the Dahinda General Store.  We finished renovations and opened the General Store in May 2019 with roughly 15 local vendors, which by March of 2021 has grown to include almost 45.  Everyone grows their produce, honey, and animals within proximity to Dahinda.  In fact, most Saturdays in the summer months you can meet many of those farmers at our Farmer's Markets.  Our snacks, jams/jellies, baking supplies, food items, etc. are all sourced by local cooks (in certified kitchens) and our Amish friends in Cuba, Illinois; not to mention the freshly-made bakery items that we make daily in our certified kitchen within the store.  And all of our crafted items are hand-made by vendors all within 30 miles of Dahinda as well.  They include potters, wood-workers, seamstresses, candle-makers, jewelry-makers, herbalists, soap-makers, blacksmiths, and more.  So "come on down" to Dahinda, and you'll be glad you did!


We're so thankful to be working with:

  • A Gracious Plenty- Dahinda IL

  • Anderson Family Coffee- Galva, IL

  • Ann Hulin- Williamsfield, IL

  • Chris Burgin- Dahinda, IL

  • ChickenScratch Pottery- Kirkwood, IL

  • Collopy Creations- Gilson, IL

  • Court Creek Candles- Knoxville, IL

  • Cup O'Something- Oak Run, IL

  • Deb Campbell- Appleton, IL

  • Double J Pastures LLC- Williamsfield, IL

  • Dunn's Farm Fresh Honey- Monica, IL

  • E Farms- Dahinda, IL

  • Fritzy's Greenhouse- Williamsfield, IL

  • Hart's Honey- Kickapoo, IL

  • Heartland Bulk Foods- Cuba, IL

  • Hilltop Farms- Dahinda, IL

  • Jeanne's Emporium- Knoxville, IL

  • Jennifer Miller- Galesburg, IL

  • KNL Barn Quilts- Maquon, IL

  • Kathy Howard- Knoxville, IL

  • Linnea Gallery- Gilson, IL

  • Lisa Hanson Photography- Dahinda IL

  • Long's Wood & Iron- Plymouth, IL

  • Pretty Little Things by Meagan- Alexis, IL

  • New Life Baking- Oak Run, IL

  • On the Edge Country CBD- Altona, IL

  • Our Church of Rust- East Galesburg, IL

  • Ronald & Patty Dean- Galesburg, IL

  • Persifer Soap Company- Dahinda, IL

  • Pettit Family Maple Syrup (trees in Wisconsin; family in Peoria, IL)

  • Pilot Knob Comforts- Oneida, IL

  • Pop of the Morning- Dahinda/Williamsfield, IL

  • Raber Packing Company- Peoria, IL

  • Red Shed Poultry- Princeville, IL

  • Ritter Candle Company- Oak Run, IL

  • Ron Craig- Galva, IL

  • Sandy Bruington- Galesburg, IL

  • Seed Savers Exchange- Decorah, IA

  • Shellstruck- Knoxville, IL

  • The Hills are Rockin'- Gilson, IL

  • Tina's Botanicals- Knoxville, IL

  • Triple-Blessed Bows- Peoria, IL

  • Wolf-Covered Woodworks- Gilson, IL

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